On the social front, AFPL has striven hard to achieve not only the business goals but also serve the masses as part of its corporate social responsibility through assorted programmes like –
  1. Maintenance of Cleanliness in and around the plant

  2. Hosting Community get-togethers

  3. Scholarship for deserving students from poor families

  4. Helping the ‘have-nots’ in their hours of distress

  5. Organizing Health Camps

  6. ESI PF Camps

Environmental Policy

Advance Forgings goes beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting and enhancing the quality of environment. The company is committed to conduct its business in ways that protect and preserve the environment by establishing different baseline programs. It has embarked upon a novel program to promote mass awareness on environmental conservation.

With a view to control and minimize the levels of pollution, the company has converted all the conventional production furnaces into modern electric furnaces. This initiative of the company has not only improved the working environment within the plant premises, but also bettered the environment in its surroundings.